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Digital Innovative Solutions
Digital Innovative Solutions
Techno Signz stands for technology signage and thus we are a signs company continually striving to offer '​​Digital Innovative Solutions' in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and beyond. Since our conception, we have been focused on R&D to create one-of-a-kind digital, road, outdoor and safety LED signs product. We also heavily focus on optimizing our manufacturing techniques to ensure the best quality and the most customization sign options possible, in order to fit any of our customer's needs. After several years of R&D, we are now ready for commercialization of our unique signs product. Our products focus on the advertising-based and safety-based signage industries, and we believe our digital LED signs product can revolutionize each industry with our technology and innovation.
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MOBILE: we strive to have all our digital LED sign products updatable by smartphone app, to maintain user-friendly products that can be updated from anywhere and at anytime.
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DIGITAL: our essence is digital LED and we ensure all our products to have the highest quality of digital screens available. Digital is the future, therefore we are apart of the digital future.
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CONNECTIVITY: our digital LED sign products are connected with the most reliable networks available to ensure you are always connected to your sign wherever you are.
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MONEY & SAFETY: our outdoor advertising-based products are focused on making money for the user, while our safety-based products are focused on the safest solutions.
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INSTALLATION & REPAIR: we offer both installation and repair services for all our products in Alberta, Canada. Contact us now to receive a quote for our installation and repair services.
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ENGINEERING: we also offer engineering solutions to both our users and other sign companies. If you're looking to develop an app or use our app technology, contact us.

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