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The Digi Pilot Sign is a digital LED VMS truck car pilot tow truck construction sign solution, and is a first-of-its-kind. Thus far, the pilot car industry has been using static signs, when most other industries are digitizing their signage. The Digi Pilot Sign not only is brighter and more visible (up to 175m), but can be fully controlled using our app. This means you can update your message, lower/raise the sign, control the brightness and control the strobe/bus lights; all with a touch of the app. The sign also boasts patented auto-dimming technology. This is your optimal road safety sign solution.

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Customize your message & control hardware functions using our app.
DIGI PILOT SIGN: A Digital LED Pilot Sign Solution
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Color message board w/ 175m visibility & patented auto-dimming technology.
Sign connected via Wi-Fi & Bluetooth networks for optimal connectivity & remote controlling.

Digi Pilot Ideation
1. The Ideation Stage of the Digi Pilot Sign included wanting to make a sign that was safer, digitally innovative, of high quality, could effectively convoy and escort other vehicles, while being able to auto-dim.
Digi Pilot Concept
2. The Digi Pilot Concept became a sign that did not compromise on the classic pilot sign design, but incorporated new elements like the digital message board, patented auto-dimming and GPS tracking.
Digi Pilot Creation
Digi Pilot Application
3. The Creation of the Digi Pilot Sign resulted in a sign that can be applied not only to the piloting industry but to other escorting and safetty industries as well. It is both durable, aerodynamic and capable of being visible in all weather conditions, night and day. 
4. The Digi Pilot Sign's Application became fully realized as a safer solution to existing technologies. Furthermore, the ease-of-use of the software app and mast mount, means anyone can use the sign effectively and safely. Oncoming traffic will never pass unaware again.
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