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The DigiBill Sign is a digital LED billboard outdoor sign solution, and is the most cost-effective solution of its kind in Canada. What sets our billboards apart is our in-house manufacturing capabilities to match your every specification. Our ability to manufacture our billboards in-house means we can also offer more cost-effective solutions and allow for further customization than other sign companies. By owning a DigiBill, you have the opportunity to generate more income than from any other sign by selling ad space. 

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DIGIBILL SIGN: A Digital LED Billboard Sign Solution
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Choose from a variety of sizes & resolutions to fit your advertising needs.
An income-generating investment, with a potential return-on-investment in 1-2 years.
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Sign connected via Wi-Fi & Bluetooth networks for optimal connectivity & remote controlling.

DigiBill Ideation
1. The Ideation Stage of the DigiBill Sign should always stem from being about advertising. Therefore, DigiBills should always be large, digital, bright and catchy to attract the most customers possible. 
DigiBill Concept
2. The DigiBill Concept is about making sure our clients get the billboard they want, that will create the highest ROI and give the most appealing aesthetical appearance for the sign's surroundings. Our engineers will work with our clients to get it right.
DigiBill Creation
3. The Creation of the DigiBill Sign should result in a sign that pleases the local community, but also attracts passerbys to take notice. Our high quality modules and in-house fabrication will always result in a sign that pays for itself and later becomes an income-generating resource. 
DigiBill Application
4. The DigBill Sign's Application are endless. They can become double-sided, so no passerby can miss it. They can be wall-mounted, placed underneath exisiting cabinet signage or even be applied as an insert in pylon signs. Whichever you choose, DigiBills are sure to catch your customers attention.
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