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The DigiPort Sign is a digital LED portable sign solution, and is a first-of-its-kind in Canada. Thusfar, the smaller digital LED signs are either limited in applications and/or arduous to update. No other sign of its size offers such portability (8hr+ battery life), easy-of-use (smartphone app) and mounting possibilities. It is the perfect sign for displaying promotions, business hours and anything else you'd like your customer to know. Control messages, brightness and other customized options, all with a touch of the app. 

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DIGIPORT SIGN: A Digital LED Portable Sign Solution
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P4 modules (22'’x11'’) create a bright, attractive display. 
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Customize your message, control brightness & message rotation using our app.
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Wireless connectivity means you can update your sign from afar & includes 8hr battery life.

DigiPort Ideation
1. The Ideation Stage of the DigiPort Sign stemmed from the lack of portable, digital and wireless signs. The idea was to create an innovative way to advertise; either on-the-go, by displaying on our car window, or on your store front window. 
DigiPort Concept
2. The DigiPort Concept became a sign that did not comprise on aesthetics and would look appealing and attractive on a store front window, car window or on a stand. Suctions were conceived for versatility in mounting options.
DigiPort Creation
3. The Creation of the DigiPort Sign resulted in a sign that anyone can use to grab their customer's attention. With the customized options, users can control the brightness, scroll speed, fonts, colors and images. The app even features a timer for when the sign can turn on/off.
DigiPort Application
4. The DigiPort Sign's Application became fully realized as a smarter solution to retailer's signage needs. Customers will never pass by your storefront again without them knowing about your newest promotion or other business information.
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