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The DigiTrail Sign is a digital LED trailer road safety sign solution, and is the most reliable and easy-to-update trailer sign in Canada. No need for bulky controllers or having to stand next to the sign to update it. It's the smartest road safety sign yet. With our GSM technology, you can update your sign from anywhere in the world; securely and reliably. Our DigiTrail Sign also features lockable display, sign-tracking, powder-coating and P20 modules; the highest resolution message board in Canada.

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Customize your message, control brightness & message rotation using our app.
DIGITRAIL SIGN: A Digital LED Trailer Sign Solution
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Choose from a variety of sizes & resolutions to fit your organization's needs.
Sign connected via GSM networks for optimal security, connectivity & remote controlling.

DigiTrail Ideation
1. The Ideation Stage of the DigiTrail Sign stemmed from the lack of a secure and efficient ways to update portable, digital trailer signs wirelessly. Not having to stand beside the trailer to update it, increases the user's safety ten-fold. 
DigiTrail Concept
2. The DigiTrail Concept is about making sure our sign meets the safety features required for road safety, by offering lockable components, GPS-tracking and the ability to add other safety features like speed radar and radar dataloggers. Our sign also uses the latest in solar powered tecnology.
DigiTrail Creation
DigiTrail Application
3. The Creation of the DigiPort Sign resulted in a sign that anyone can use to grab their customer's attention. With the customized options, users can control the brightness, scroll speed, fonts, colors and images. The app can even features a timer for when the sign can turn on/off.
4. The DigiTrail Sign's Application is the ability to update and control the sign from anywhere in the world, with the highest resolution in the market; meaning our signs can easily be used to advertise, as well as to keep the roads safe. With the ability to store over 100+ messages and images, the possibilities are endless. The GSM technology allows for the safest network by assigning the sign to a user's phone number, so hackers cannot hack our system without actually stealing the user's phone.
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