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Frequently Asked Questions​​

Below are some frequently asked questions asked during the sign ordering process. If you have any further questions please feel free to contact us.​
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    How do I place an order?
    The simplest way to place an order is by filling out a form or calling us. The more information you provide, the more accurate we can quote you about our digital LED signs.
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    What is the order process?
    First, contact us and let us know what you are looking for. Then, we will provide you with a quote. If you are satisfied with the quote, we will provide you with an invoice & lead time. Finally, your product will be built & delivered.
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    What are the payment terms?
    Currently we ask our customers to pay a 50% deposit & the remaining 50% upon completion. However, we do offer more flexible payments. See our Financing section for more details.
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    Do you accept international orders?
    Yes, we enthusiastically accept orders from Edmonton, Alberta Canada & beyond. However, please bare in mind the cost involved for shipping & import charges. As well, prior to delivery full payment must be made.
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    Accepted payment methods?
    We accept E-Transfers, Bank Transfers & PayPal Payments. Through PayPal Payments you can use all major credit cards &/or use your PayPal account directly. If you are not able to pay by any of these methods, please let us know.
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    Why do you not list your prices?
    There are simply too many variables involved in sign making to be able to accurately list all of the prices for each product. Nevertheless, you will be provided with the final cost before we begin making your sign.
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    Do I need a sign permit?
    Permitting can be daunting, therefore we staff the appropriate individuals to take care of it for you. A permit is generally required for all outdoor signs except: freestanding signs >2.1 m in height & only changing existing wording on a sign.
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    Why do I need a digital sign?
    Nothing is more eye-catching than digital LED signage. Whether you are trying to make the roads safer or attract clients to your business, digital LED signs allow you to grab their attention & enhance your message.

If you have more questions, please contact us:

If  you are experiencing issues with your digital LED sign either contact us or download our troubleshooting guide: