Our  Process

Our Process
Techno Signz's process is c​reating digital innovative solutions, using wireless technology with mobile applications here in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Our focus is on conceiving new ideas, designing the concept, creating the design and then applying the creation. This is how we create digital LED signs, innovative signs, road signs, outdoor signs and safety sign solutions. 

At the IDEATION stage, we are continually researching and analyzing new ideas  for new LED digital signs and deciding on whether they are financially, technologically and commercially viable.

The CONCEPTUALIZATION stage entails illustrating our ideas to later create 3D models and engineer.

The real hands-on work begins at the CREATION stage with a combination of configuring, molding and fabricating.

Finally, the fun begins at the APPLICATION stage when it all becomes a reality; by assembling, testing and then commercializing our digital, LED, outdoor, safety and road sign solutions.

Customer  Process

Customer Process
Techno Signz's customer process is very straightforward. It's as easy as filling out our form, calling us or sending us an email. First, make your enquiry, then learn about our products and solutions, select the product and specifications you desire, and you're ready to receive your new Techno Signz product.​​

In the ENQUIRY stage you can either call, email or fill in out the contact form to let us know what you are looking for or how we can help; whether you are located in Alberta, Canada or beyond.

For the LEARN stage, you can either download our infoshures or catalogue, or even come visit us at our offices in Edmonon, Alberta, Canada for more detailed info on our products and technology. 

After learning about our products, you are ready for the SELECT stage where you let us know what what you would like and we will send you a quote. If you are satisfied with the quote, we will then invoice you.

​Finally, in the RECEIVE stage you will need to make payment and then we can deliver and install your new Techno Signz digital, LED, outdoor or road sign solution.

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